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Website Features:
Free Trial No
Start Up Cost (month) $24.95
Search without registering No
Private Mailbox Yes
Save searches Yes
Who's viewed me Yes
Video Greetings No
Voice Greetings No
Wink Yes
Send IM Yes
Chat No
Send emails Yes
Blogs No
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User Reviews
User: Maggie
Review: I had tried a number of dating sites in the past, but a friend told me about

On my very first search in my area, the first profile that came up caught my eye.

We got to chatting and exchanged emails on and finally decided to meet.

We loved and enjoyed doing everything together, we are a very happy couple now
User: chantel
Review: Steve and I met here on singles net. After talking awhile on here, we started chatting and shortly decided to meet.

Few short months Steve asked me to marry him. net is a great site to meet the right one, easy, friendly and it worked for us.
User: Greg
Review: Singlesnet is a bogus site full of fake adds.

When you sign up for a one month's subscription, what they don't tell you is that they're actually signing you up to a monthly subscription until you cancel and withdrawls from your PayPal account will continue unless you cancel the subscription.

EVERY SINGLE GIRL I contacted was fake and led me to another online website with promises of one night stands.

Don't believe any of it. Now that I'm researching this, it's happened to many others who also found out the hard way.

User: Jeff
Review: I have tried so many dating sites over the years. Last year, I tried Singlesnet and met the woman of my dreams.

We are still together almost a year later and plan to marry next year.

User: jebus
Review: Yeah, I'm thinking its bogus as well, I registered yesterday (didn't pay anything) cause someone referred me from craigslist.

I instantly got tons of 'flirts' from girls, all who looked pretty attractive and I could flirt back for free.

The site is well designed, but the functionality is a little wonky. The search works - barely. And when you browse you'll see repeats every couple pages.

Definately fishy.
User: dee
Review: I think "Singlesnet," plays sick jokes on people looking to meet that special someone.

I received emails from very handsome men, always attorneys, doctors, accountants, and selfemployed interest, but they were mostly "set-ups."

You can never email them unless they are paying members, or you are a paying member.

Singlesnet tells you that you are able to email them, but each time you try, they transport you directly to the sign-up / Upgrade to paying status.

You are only allowed to send a one line flirt and you're never able to actually connect with the person via email, so they think that you are nolonger interested and the connection stops there, or the person is just a prop.

How horrible is that for anyone who is actually trying to find a mate.

You have to continually log on even when just searching or checking your email.


Singlesnet, please stop playing with peoples lives, relationships are a critical part of peoples lives, "we are not to be played for fools.
User: Rez
Review: SCAM Women are not real. As a test, I ran a search for a city in a another state and the same women came up as the ones in my hometown! A SCAM. Avoid.
User: Carol
Review: I have met a few men on singlesnet.

I have been using the site for a few years and of all the men I met on there, for the most part were liars and not what they claimed to be.

I have yet to hook up with any man who claimed to "be looking for a good woman". They want honesty but arent honest themselves.

Now when I try to got to the log in page, it seems to be *upgrading* and I cannot get thru.

Another thing, most of the hits I have gotten were Nigerians looking for some *trustworthy* woman to do some kind of money making deal with them.

They post pics of nice looking white men and claim to be from the U.S. but working in Africa.
Review: I have actually met REAL men from this site.
br> As with anything like this you take a risk, I have chatted the NIGERIANS' wanting a hook up marriage so they came get to the U.S. too.

However, I do not think it is the fault of SINGLESNET. I have also met (from this site) a guy or two who have STRONGLY MISREPRESENTED themselves..again, not really fair to this site to lay blame.

People will even lie to themselves so what you think they won't lie to you?

User: bob
Review: people beware all the girls are in africa they claim they are in the U.S.A. they all want money
User: G
Review: This entire site seems to be a scam. Like many others have said, the same profiles appear in cities all over the US.

I've been emailing two different women in two different towns and gotten the exact same response from both, right down to the punctuation, something about having to "run out but would like to chat later."

There is no search criteria other than location and even that is not very good. You always get 500 returns. I believe most (not all) of the folks on this site are a fake.

I cancelled by paying subscription immediately, a $25 lesson learned very quickly. They got my money ONCE.
User: gregg
Review: this site is totally bogus,it is fake and not worth any money,i cancel my subscription 2 days after i join.

the girls are not real,and you will get many e mails from girls in africa claiming they are there visiting and live in usa.
all they want is your money,and singlesnet lets them practice this.
User: naturist58
Review: This site is just one big con.

I'm getting two or three e-mails a day allegedly from females who have read my profile. And guess what? Not one of them has.

A total rip-off with automated replies.

Total con and I would not recommend to anyone with more than one brain cell.
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